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Summer Reading

Adult Summer Reading Challenge 2017Adult Reading Challenge
Age 16+
June 1st - August 31st, 2017

Complete five squares on the reading challenge 
board, activities like "Read a book published before
you were born", "Check out a movie from the 
library," or "Read a book chosen for you by your
BFF."  Write down your name and phone number
on the sheet and turn it into the Cadillac 
Wexford Public Library to be entered in to a 
drawing for a local gift card or Kindle Fire! 
There are three challenge boards available this
summer, one for each month.

Download July adult reading board here.

Download August adult reading board here.

Advanced Reader Summer Challenge

Advanced Reader Challenge
Grade 5-12 (last grade completed)
June 17 - August 12, 2017

Complete 5 activities on the reading challenge board, turn it into the Cadillac Wexford Public Library Children’s Room desk & receive a prize!  Complete all 4 reading challenge boards by August 12th and receive an invitation to our Library Lock-In!  Must have completed Grade 5 to participate in the Advanced Reader Summer Reading Challenge.

Board 1
Board 2
Board 3
Board 4
Extra Credit Board

Link to printable Teen/Tween Events

Teen/Tween Summer Events

Harry Potter Month Kick-off

Grades 5-12. Drop-in the library throughout the day to get sorted into your Hogwarts house & receive your house pin; attempt to complete the Marauder's Map scavenger hunt.


Grades 5-12. Quidditch - the famous wizarding sport played on broomsticks! Played Wednesdays throughout July!

Hogwarts Class - Potions

Grades 5-12. Take a wizard class! (come either tuesday OR thursday each week).

Hogwarts Class - Care of Magical Creatures

Grades 5-12. Take a wizard class! (come either tuesday OR thursday each week).

Hogwarts Class - Herbology

Grades 5-12. Take a wizard class! (come either tuesday OR thursday each week).

Summer Reading Elementary

Elementary Reading Program

Elementary Reading Program
Grade K-4 (last grade completed)
June 17 - August 12, 2017

Directions:  Each red square contains 9 boxes - 1 activity per box.  Do an activity and color in that box.  Color in 5 boxes in one red square and bring in your sheet for a prize!  Finish 4 red squares (20 boxes) and you get a chance to dunk Miss Tracy during the final carnival! 

Download the board here.

Summer Reading PreReader

Pre-Reader Program
Ages 0-4 years old
June 17th - August 12th, 2017

Directions: On this sheet, you will see 25 circles.  Each circle contains an activity.  Do an activity and cross out that circle.  Cross out 5 circles and bring this sheet into the library to win a free book!  Win a book for every 5 circles you complete, up to 4 books!  When you have completed 20 circles you win a special prize!  Check out the back side of the boards to learn about some of the benefits of these activities! 

Ages 0-1 board
Ages 1-2 board
Ages 2-3 board
Ages 3-4 board

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