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June 22nd Zines 

Making zines

Click the link for printing instructions and making larger.

June 29th

DIY Jingle sticks! A branch from nature, cloth, jingle bells. Use this simple craft as a fun, meditative exercise.

assorted jingle bells
Cloth, ribbons, string

 Instructions for making a jingle stick.

July 6th

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June 23rd This Tuesday's spotlight is on local artist and business owner Dani Renwick of Charmellow Design. See how she uses her creative mind to share her and her family's story. Check out this presentation on our Facebook page.

June 30th  

This Tuesday's spotlight is on Dan Wilson, CAPS Audio/Visual Manager and guitar club leader. Watch his quick, off the cuff "how-to play guitar" video and then learn easy guitar chords as Dan breaks them down.  Check this out on our Facebook event page.

July 7th

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June 24

 Wednesday Writing Challenge

July 1st

Writing Prompt

This week's prompt will be all about song writing. Watch for tips from Cadillac native Rachael Davis, performer and song writer.

Send us your finished work if you'd like. We'll share it (anonymously) on our social media pages to encourage other budding writers!

Check out our Facebook page for more information.

July 8th

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June 25th Join us on our Facebook event for some fun trivia.

July 2nd Join us at 6pm Thursdays on our Facebook event for some fun trivia.  July 2nd Trivia Night - Music

July 9th  

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June 26

June 26 Find it Friday

July 3rd  Head over to Cadillac's very own Sound Garden for a music themed scavenger hunt. 10am-7pm Friday.

Teens (grades 5-10) : submit your final answer to
Adults (16+): submit your final answer to

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July 4th   Self Care Music Picks  We all have those songs that give a bounce to your step every time you hear them. Be inspired to make your own playlist while listening to library staff SOS music picks!

July 11th

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