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Friday September 10 drop in 3:30-5:30pm

last tuesday of the month, 5:30-6:30pm

every other thursday starting september 9. 5-6pm. grades 7-12

Book Boxes for middle grade and young adult

What's in a book box: 1-3 books to keep. 1 library book to return. 1-2 crafts. bookish items. 1 snack.

What's a Book Box?

Our Book Box is modeled after subscription box services like OwlCrate and Once Upon a Book Club. Each month we will feature a themed box tailored to the individual preferences of participants. 

Who can participate?

There are currently two options for Book Boxes:

Middle Grade Box: 3rd-6th grade, Ages 8+
Young Adult Box: 7th-12th grade, Ages 12+

How to sign up:

Each month's sign up begins 2 weeks before the 1st of the month. So for the month of September, sign up opens Wednesday August 18th. Call 775-6541 to register each month. Fill out the form below AFTER you call to sign up.

Book Box Form
(this form allows us to tailor the box to your tastes!)

Boxes are limited, so sign up is required each month. They will be ready for pick up starting the 1st of each month. Pick up must occur within 7 business days or the box is released to those on the waitlist. Those on the waitlist who do not receive a box will be automatically signed up for the next month.

Review your Book Box library book

Review the library book you received with your Book Box to be entered to win a Horizon Books gift card.
Prizes will be drawn monthly.

Library Book Review Form

Maker Series: Creative Workshops for Teens

Grades 7-12, Ages 12+

Try out themed creative projects with weekly (limited) kits. Build new skills while practicing self care. 

Fiber Workshop: Monday May 10th - Saturday June 19th; you can call (775-6541) or email (pickup@cadillaclibrary.org)
to reserve a kit.

Maker Series Fiber Arts

Ebooks & Online Resources

Up North Digital

Hoopla digital media

Transparent Language

Financial Information Database


Michigan eLibrary

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Thousands of full text magazines and newspapers available at no charge.
Michigan Activity Pass

Free or discounted passes to state parks, campgrounds, museums,
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